Video image of Langley City Council session on Oct. 18 that opted to resume virtual meetings. (Langley City)

Video image of Langley City Council session on Oct. 18 that opted to resume virtual meetings. (Langley City)

Langley City council resumes virtual meetings

Technical limitations preventing a mix of virtual and in-person sessions cited in decision

After two in-person council meetings in October, Langley City will resume virtual meetings in November.

It followed a report to council that said the city can hold video-conferencing meetings, or in-person meetings in council chambers, but hybrid meetings, where some council members attend in chambers and others appear by video link are not currently possible.

In her report to council, corporate officer Kelly Kenney cited the “limitations of the audio/visual technology” in council chambers and recommended meetings be conducted “either fully in-person or electronically until such time as the council chambers is upgraded to provide proper functionality for hybrid meetings.”

Kenney advised against in-person meetings “due to the approaching fall/winter season’s potential for increase in both COVID and flu exposures and the numerous protocols and precautions that must be followed when conducting these types of in-person meetings.”

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Council resumed in-person meetings in October after a provincial government order allowing video meetings by municipal councils expired.

On Monday, Oct. 18, council gave final approval to a bylaw that allows virtual meetings to resume, then endorsed a schedule of meetings that will be held electronically.

Meetings will start at 3 p.m. and can be viewed online.

To attend a virtual meeting, email to request the Zoom meeting link. Requests must be received no later than noon on the day of the meeting. Attendees will need to provide their full name and an e-mail address.

Under the Community Charter, which provides the statutory framework for all municipalities in B.C. (except the City of Vancouver), the city will be required to provide a physical location for members of the public to attend, where they can watch each electronic meeting and a designated municipal officer must be in attendance at the location for the duration of the meeting.

Video recordings of regular council meetings are posted the day after the meeting and can be accessed at

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Langley Township council has resumed in-person meetings, with council members able to attend by video link.

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