John Aldag's campaign originally laid out the signs to spell his first name. (John Aldag campaign)

Langley election display vandalized to display curse word

Someone changed Liberal John Aldag’s sign display recently

Someone rearranged a large cluster of lawn signs for Cloverdale-Langley City Liberal candidate John Aldag to spell a four-letter-word twice in late August.

A reader shared a photo of the site with the Langley Advance Times.

Several dozen signs had been put up on a slope along 200th Street near Penzer Park in Langley City, a site under high-tension power lines where election signs are permitted along the roadside.

The original version of the display is prominently featured on Aldag’s campaign Twitter account – the red signs had been arranged to spell out JOHN in letters more than six feet high.

Someone took the time to uproot them and spell F*** instead.

The first incident took place on the weekend, said Jonathan Robinson, Aldag’s campaign manager.

“The F-word got fixed that day,” he said.

This was one of two incidents in which the signs were rearranged into the F-word so far this campaign season.

“This year it’s been turned into the F-word twice and then last night [Wednesday, Sept. 1] it was smashed completely,” Robinson said.

The big sign set-up spelling JOHN is something Aldag and his daughter have been doing since his first campaign.

He said the campaign is seeing more vandalism than was seen in the 2015 or 2019 election campaigns.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been the target of swearing and foul language at several campaign stops in recent days.

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Aldag was not available for comment before deadline.

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