James Hill Principal Chris Wejr's letter to the tooth fairy has gone viral.

James Hill Principal Chris Wejr's letter to the tooth fairy has gone viral.

Langley school principal’s letter to tooth fairy goes viral

James Hill Elementary's Chris Wejr wrote a letter to the tooth fairy after a student lost her tooth at school.

James Hill Principal Chris Wejr’s letter to the tooth fairy to help one of his students who lost her tooth has gone viral.

“It’s been overwhelming all the people who are enjoying this good news story,” said Wejr. “I want parents to see the positive things that are happening at our school.”

It was on April 9 when a student fell at school, losing a loose tooth in the process.

A Special Education Assistant working with the student patched her up and cleaned up the tooth and put it in a special tooth pouch necklace.

“She was proudly heading outside with her tooth in her necklace when she tripped and fell,” said Wejr. “She hurt her hand but in the process the tooth popped out of the necklace. She was really upset about the tooth and was crying.”

Wejr saw her and asked if he could help. The pair looked for her tooth for sometime, but couldn’t find it in the gravel, he said.

“I told her, ‘I have an idea. What do you think about you and me writing a letter to the tooth fairy. I’ve written to the tooth fairy before and it’s worked.'” he told the student.

The pair went into Wejr’s office and penned a letter to the tooth fairy using official James Hill letterhead.

Wejr wrote: “Dear Tooth Fairy, [a student] lost her tooth at our school. She placed it in her tooth necklace but went outside and tripped on the steps and lost the tooth…She is very upset so I told her that I had written a letter to you before and accepted this in place of the tooth.

Wejr goes onto ask the tooth fairy to accept this letter under her pillow in place of the tooth.

“I asked her what she would like to say to the tooth fairy and she asked me to write  “happy flying!” So that is the last words on the letter.

Wejr snapped a picture of the letter and posted it on the school’s Facebook page.

Next thing he knew JRFM radio posted the letter on their Facebook page and now it has more than 3,000 likes, 700 shares and has gone viral across social media sites.

“Great things like this happen all the time at school but parents don’t often hear about it. We have some incredibly caring teachers here,” he said. “It’s a nice little way to share what goes on.”

The letter worked, by the way.

The student’s mom came to Wejr the next day thanking him for the letter which was promptly put under the student’s pillow.

“Yes, she got some money from the tooth fairy,” he said. He has since been asked if he has any connections with the Easter Bunny and for the adults, the Canadian Revenue Agency.

“I’m not sure I can help with that one.”