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Langley Township taxes to go up 3 per cent

Council had little debate on the final vote on this year’s budget

Property taxes in Langley Township will go up three per cent this year after the council approved the annual budget on Monday, March 28.

In addition to the property tax increase, the cost of water for Township residents hooked up to the municipal water system will see their levy go up 1.99 per cent, and the sewer levy will go up 3.29 per cent.

There is no change in the solid-waste levy – garbage and recycling pickup – this year.

There was very little change in the budget proposed from early January, which also proposed a three per cent increase.

Councillor Petrina Arnason voted against the tax increase, while the votes on the water and sewer levy increases were unanimous.

One of the major changes proposed for this year’s budget was an increase in the number of firefighters to be hired. The Township is planning to staff up its firehalls so that crews of four can be on fire trucks when they roll out to an emergency. Crews of three have become somewhat common because of a lack of firefighters due to illness or vacation, but the recommended number for a safe deployment is four per truck.

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