Township council chambers were packed for the public hearing on the Latimer official community plan.

Township council chambers were packed for the public hearing on the Latimer official community plan.

Latimer plan gets a low-key hearing

Most who attended Township council meeting on April 27 supported increase density around Langley Events Centre

A public hearing of a plan that would see 18,700 people living in the area around the Langley Events Centre produced a crowd, but no fireworks at Township council on Monday, April 27.

The chambers were packed for the presentation of the Latimer official community plan that aims to create a “walkable” neighbourhood with increased housing density along the 200 Street corridor between 73 and 83 Avenues and 196 to 204 Streets.

It will take about 30 years to complete, includes an office park and two elementary schools and will come with more parking than other area plans have in the past, including roads wide enough for vehicles to park on both sides and a requirement for double-wide driveways for single family homes along with at least one on-street space.

Most of the people who attended appeared to support the plan.

Many wore bright yellow “Yes Latimer” stickers that one resident told The Times had been distributed by a local developer.

The closest thing to a controversy at the hearing concerned two “special study” areas nearest the Langley Events Centre and Willoughby Community Park.

The fate of those areas, south of 80 Avenue and 202A Street, is on hold until planners can decide whether the properties will be needed for expansion by the park and the sports complex.

Some of the people who own land within the study areas spoke against the proposal at the hearing, saying it was unfair and is depressing their land values.

It is “a strategy to preserve lands, but without purchasing,” said Kevin Tseng.

Tseng said he was recently offered roughly half what a nearby portion of land was sold for because his property happens to be within the study area.

The proposal will come back to council at an upcoming meeting for discussion and a vote.