Lights have gone up at 272nd Street and 28th Avenue so pedestrians can cross in a more safe manner. (Cashmere Roder/Special to The Star)

Lights have gone up at 272nd Street and 28th Avenue so pedestrians can cross in a more safe manner. (Cashmere Roder/Special to The Star)

Lights officially working at 28th Ave and 272nd Street in Aldergrove

Motion was passed to install standards in March after pedestrians were struck in intersection

The lights are on and pedestrians now have a safer option to cross 272nd Street at 28th Avenue.

A mother and daughter were run down by a vehicle in the crosswalk last February, prompting an immediate discussion to have a stoplight installed.

Cashmere Roder, president of the Aldergrove Community Association, led the discussions to spearhead the change and says this comes as a major relief.

“I am relieved that we know have a safe intersection for our community with a red light that means vehicles must stop for pedestrians,” Roder said. “I’m especially grateful for the added safety for our kids walking to and from school. Thank you to the Aldergrove community for your support.”

The Township of Langley had decided to move forward with plans to install a stoplight at that intersection back in March, but a pedestrian operated crosswalk and in-pavement flashers had been the only defence to warn motorists for much of the year.

Roder’s biggest concern was children and families walking to Shortreed Elementary during the morning and afternoon rush hours – citing that there were no stop lines painted on the north side of the intersection and the pedestrian controlled yellow lights did not yield enough attention.

$350,000 was allotted in a unanimous vote by the Township mayor and council to install the stoplight over a curb bulge installation or pedestrian signal option.

Another fender bender occurred in September, prompting new discussions on the installation delay – though no pedestrians were injured in the incident.

Council deliberation and COVID-19 stalled the process until construction began in mid-November.

Chelsea Johnson, a mother of three who has had many close calls almost being hit walking her children to school using the old pedestrian crossing, is also thankful knowing she now has a safer walk to and from school with her small children.

Mya Grainger is a student advocate who organized a protest at the old pedestrian crossing.

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Her and Roder joined forces after her protest and worked together to get the community involved and bring this safety issue to Township council.

“I’m so incredibly happy that this change has been made! I have hoped for this for a while, and now it’s finally here,” Grainger added. ” Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this change, it wouldn’t have been possible without this wonderful community.”

Motorists and pedestrians should use caution in the area, the the new stoplights may take some time getting used to.


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