Lots of stolen items go unclaimed

Langley RCMP seized hundreds of stolen items from two men arrested and accused of breaking into 18 homes in the Fraser Valley

  • Apr. 25, 2012 10:00 a.m.

Langley RCMP are hoping to return hundreds of stolen items, some very personal, to their rightful owners by posting each item on a slideshow for people to view online.

Police recovered everything from stolen jewelry, including lockets and rings, to coins and electronics after arresting two men at the Super 8 motel on Glover Road on March 2.

The Emergency Response Team and police dogs surrounded the motel room where the two men refused to come out. Witnesses had called 911 after seeing the two men allegedly with guns, unloading items into a motel room.

Those two men are believed to be involved in up to 18 home robberies in the Fraser Valley, said Langley RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Holly Marks.

The two men, Dave Yaroslawsky, 29, of Surrey and Ivan Johnson, 33, of New Westminster were charged with a number of property and firearms offenses.

On April 4, Langley RCMP invited more than 30 property theft victims to come to the detachment in an effort to reunite them with their stolen property. Much of the property is unidentifiable in that there are no serial numbers or distinct features making computer queries difficult, said Marks.

That day, the victims were escorted through the stolen property that had been laid out in the Parade Room.

Many items were returned at that time, however it was less than 25 per cent, said Marks.

Langley RCMP is asking victims of recent property crimes to peruse the photographs of the property recovered and still not returned by clicking here.

If you see an item belonging to you, call the Langley RCMP Street Enforcement Recovery line and leave a message with your name and contact information at 604-532-3398.

Any victims of property crime related to this investigation who would like an update on the court proceedings for Yaroslawsky and Johnson are encouraged to contact Langley Client Support and Victim Services at 604-532-3214.

Their support workers would be more than happy to provide the information.

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