Making sure moms get their day

Langley's Kim Snow is reaching out to the community for help to make sure every local mom has a happy Mother's Day

Kim Snow, centre, with her angels former Langley RCMP Supt. Janice Armstrong, right, Township of Langley bylaw officer Bill Storie and an unidentified woman at left.

Kim Snow, centre, with her angels former Langley RCMP Supt. Janice Armstrong, right, Township of Langley bylaw officer Bill Storie and an unidentified woman at left.

As the saying goes: “In heaven there are angels. On Earth there are mothers.”

One Langley woman is trying to make sure mothers who don’t always get looked after are pampered this Mother’s Day.

Longtime Langley resident Kim Snow is trying to spoil some single moms and is hoping the public will help.

Snow, who regularly helps in the community, is asking people to consider donating gift cards to spas or cash, so her group of angels can make sure it’s a special Mother’s Day this year.

“Even a free oil change for their car is a great gift for moms who can afford a car but not the upkeep,” said Snow.

“There are lots of moms out there whose every dollar goes to taking care of their children and I thought it would be nice to give them something they would never give themselves,” said Snow.

What donations she gets will go directly into the hands of caring moms who Snow knows through organizations like Best Babies, Douglas Park school, Southgate Church and Christian Life Assembly.

“There are moms in Langley who make about $700 a month and once they pay rent and buy food, there is nothing left,” she said. “If a baby gets their diaper changed 10 times a day, there are mothers out there that can only afford to change them once or twice.”

Through volunteering in Langley she has met some great moms who are struggling.

“These aren’t addicts spending money on drugs, these are moms in real need who are having a hard time getting by,” she said.

Snow is willing to pick up donations anyone wants to give, whether it be baby items, food, furniture or gift certificates.

You can email her at

Talk to Snow about why she does what she does, and the passion she has to help makes her eyes well up with tears.

“So many have their eyes closed to what’s happening in our backyard. There is such a need right here in Langley,” said Snow about hungry children and struggling moms and families going without.

“When we bring food or diapers, or whatever, these people are so thankful. The children are some of the most polite kids I’ve ever met.”

Quietly and without fanfare, Snow has been donating thousands of hours, effort and goods to Langley people in need.

Snow works full-time but volunteers every other minute she can to making sure families in need are taken care of, hand delivering goods. It’s a real grassroots operation she started years ago and now has a lot of supporters, including Township Mayor Jack Froese who is one her “angel” volunteers.

In fact, Snow has many angels that are working behind the scenes with her.

Working with the principals of both Langley Secondary and Walnut Grove Secondary, Snow has made sure all students have lunch and clothing, or whatever needs to be done.

“LSS will call me up and say they need shoes or hoodies,” she said. She does food drives at the Murrayville IGA and is always in need of lunch food for kids, like granola bars, juice boxes and soup cups. She’s been working with Douglas Park Community School in Langley City in the hot lunch program for some time, meeting with many moms there.

Having been doing this angel work for years, many people in Langley have joined her. Many large companies like B&B Contracting have offered to feed a family a month.

“I don’t like giving cheques to the big organizations because, for me, it feels like by the time it gets filtered down to the people in need, it’s been dwindled down,” she said.

“If someone in Langley gives me a can of soup, I’m going to get it directly to a Langley person who needs that can of soup.”

She says the Langley Food Bank is doing great, but if she can help so people don’t have to line up for food for a month, it makes a difference to their dignity.

Snow, and her other “angels” are more than willing to pick up items people have to give, whether it be food, good clothing or furniture.

“People don’t realize that even the simplest gesture can go a long way.”