Man leaves hazardous liquid at Langley house

Night-time incident in Murrayville follows romance that turned sour

A man’s odd way of dealing with rejection caused a big headache for his neighbours and Langley RCMP.

At about  2:20 a.m. on Jan. 28, police were called to a home in the 22100 block of Old Yale Road after they received a report of a suspicious incident.

The complainant advised that he had seen a man drive towards his residence and place a bottle of liquid near a tree on his property.

The homeowner took a closer look and became concerned when he detected a chemical odour, said Cpl. Holly Marks who speaks for the RCMP detachment.

Officers found the bottle resting against the tree where it was dripping some dark red liquid. The Township fire department was called and firefighters advised police that no one should approach the bottle as the contents were unknown and believed to be hazardous.

Langley RCMP’s Serious Crime Section took over the investigation, calling in the Clandestine Lab Team who capped the bottle of the unknown chemicals and took it away. Samples of the liquid were delivered to a chemist for analysis, and police expect test results will take up to two weeks.

Marks said that officers know who the culprit is, and questioned him at his home.

“The investigation suggests the 42-year-old Langley man did not intend to harm anyone,” Marks said.

“He simply left the bottle on the property after he became frustrated with his ex-girlfriend’s new living arrangement.”

No charges have been laid yet.