No crosswalk on 216 Street, but review is planned

Langley Township council will study crosswalks in school zones.

Geraldine Jordan and her daughter Elisabeth spoke to Township council in December.

Geraldine Jordan and her daughter Elisabeth spoke to Township council in December.

Geraldine Jordan and her five-year-old daughter Elisabeth have been unable to convince Langley Township council to build a crosswalk at 216 St. and 88B Ave.

But the Walnut Grove residents have managed to spark a review of crosswalks in school zones.

The pair came to council in December to argue for a crosswalk, saying children at three schools, École des Voyageurs, Topham Elementary and James Kennedy Elementary, use the unmarked intersection.

While Jordan presented the case on behalf of Friends of the Crosswalk (FOX), a group of Walnut Grove residents who support a marked pedestrian crosswalk for the intersection, five-year-old daughter Elisabeth sat beside her at the overhead projector in the Langley Township council chamber, helping her mother by placing maps of the intersection under the lens.

When the matter came back to council in January, there was some reluctance to approve the crosswalk because one exists nearby at 216 St. and 88 Avenue.

“It doesn’t seem to make sense,” Councillor Steve Ferguson said.

“Other than if you live close by, it would be nice to have your own personal crosswalk.”

Councillor Grant Ward said having two crosswalks close together would “become a driver’s dilemma, having to stop every half a block.”

Councillors Kim Richter and David Davis wanted the proposed crosswalk included in the 2013 budget discussions, but had to settle for having the matter referred to the Community Participation, Infrastructure, and Environment Advisory Committee for a review of crosswalks in school zones.

In a nine-page written submission filed with the Township, FOX argued pedestrians crossing the intersection “are at significant risk of physical injury because of high traffic volume, limited sight line, four lanes of traffic and vehicle U-turns.”

A Township estimate places traffic flow at 5,160 vehicles a day, more than other intersections that have marked crosswalks, pedestrian signals or full traffic lights, FOX says.