Pipeline protest draws 50 people

Local protest was part of a national day of action by people who oppose pipelines and expansion of the Alberta oil sands.

About 50 people rallied in front of MP Mark Warawa’s office in Murrayville on Saturday, to oppose plans to build pipelines in B.C. and expand the Alberta oil sands.

It was part of a national Defend Our Climate, Defend our Communities day of action to show the opposition to the risks posed by pipelines and oil sands expansion to the climate and communities. The Langley chapter of PIPE UP (Pro Information, Pro Environment, United People) organized two events, the protest in Langley and an event on Barnston Island with the Katzie First Nation.

Local organizer AJ Klein said “People of the Fraser Valley are increasingly aware that If these pipelines are built, they will allow for the reckless expansion of the tar sands and make it almost impossible for Canada to do its part to stop runaway climate change. I hope that this sends a strong message to the Clark and Harper governments.”