Police step up road enforcement for spring

Drivers urged to stay focused on safety as roads and highways get busier

  • Apr. 30, 2012 9:00 a.m.

After a long, wet winter, spring is finally in the air. While many people are ready to welcome the bright sunshine and warm air, they must all remember to stay focused on driving safely as roads and highways get busier this spring.

“It’s easy to lose focus and think of other things when the weather turns and everyone is feeling good,” said Ineke Padgett, Transportation Safety Coordinator for Langley Township, “but it is so important that you keep your mind on the road and on the task at hand.”

Langley Township, the Langley RCMP, and ICBC are reminding motorists to be vigilant and avoid high risk driving activities that could harm themselves and others. These include failing to yield, ignoring traffic signals, using cell phones, following too closely behind other vehicles, speeding, and improper passing.

“These activities cause crashes,” said Sgt. Gerard Sokolowski of the Langley RCMP, who noted that police will be targeting motorists with bad driving habits during the month of May. ICBC is supporting local police with an education campaign to remind the public that driving is a complex task that requires their full attention.

“Most crashes are completely preventable and can be avoided by making smart driving decisions,” Sokolowski said.

With the nicer weather, more pedestrians and cyclists will be out and about, and drivers need to be aware of them, especially at intersections. Parents and other motorists should also be on the lookout for those on foot and on bikes when driving through school and playground zones.

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