(James Kresser/Unsplash)

(James Kresser/Unsplash)

Porsche impounded for going 138 km/hr in 90 zone during charity rally

West Vancouver Police said wet roads and heavy rain made it extra dangerous

A Porsche 911 driver is out of luck after being caught speeding by West Vancouver Police on Saturday morning.

According to police, the driver was clocked going 138 km/hr in a 90 km/hr zone while participating in a charity drive for first responders.

In a tweet, police said the driver was speeding in “heavy rain and very wet roads.”

“Please check yourself before you wreck yourself and others. Slow down, maintain safe distance. Get home safe!” West Vancouver Police said.

Nearly 100 Porsches were headed to Whistler from Langley as part of the annual Porsche Rally charity drive.



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