Property tax scam surfaces in Langley City

It's one of numerous telephone scams operating, in the age-old attempt to get money from people by fraudulent means.

There is a new scam in town. This time, fraudsters are pretending to be Langley City officials asking you to pay outstanding property taxes.

The City of Langley said it doesn’t initiate any automated phone calls, especially asking anyone to pay property taxes.

The City’s advice is “just hang up.”

Numerous phone scams continue to plague residents and business owners.

With tax season here, the Revenue Canada phone scam is still active, said Langley RCMP. Someone claims to be from Revenue Canada, and claims the person has to pay owed sums of money to the government agency.

The BC Hydro scam involves someone calling a Langley business claiming to be from BC Hydro. The scammer claims the last electrical bill wasn’t paid and if it isn’t paid immediately, the power will be cut off. Their hope is the business person will pay them through a paid credit card.

Another scam is the grandchild scam, which targets the elderly. A person calls claiming to be the grandson of whomever and needing cash wired to cover getting out of jail or paying for a tow, etc.

Langley RCMP ask that people do report when these calls are made by calling the non-emergency line at 604-532-3200.