Purse-snatchers bagged after bragging to cabbie

Richmond's Edward Gerald McKay, 26, and a Langley's Travis Nofield, 19, arrested for incident aboard North Vancouver bus

You can add this crook to the “ignorant criminal” membership list headed by a man who stole a lawn mower, went door to door to sell it, only to return to the home he’d originally stolen it from.

According to North Vancouver RCMP, a 26-year-old Richmond man is charged with possession of stolen property, possessing an imitation firearm and using an imitation firearm, after he bragged about his criminal exploits to a taxi driver.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, two men boarded a bus in North Vancouver, and according to police, sat down beside a woman who was riding alone.

After a few stops, one of the men grabbed the woman’s purse, which had been on her lap, and fled.

The robbers then jumped into a cab, and bragged about the robbery to its driver, showing him the purse as well as what appeared to be a handgun.

As soon as he dropped them off, he called 911 to report the incident.

Meanwhile, the alleged robbers had drawn the attention of the Vancouver Police.

Langley’s Travis William Nofield, 19, was arrested for breaching his probation.

It didn’t take long for police on both sides of the water to connect the dots and identify the second suspect, Richmond’s Edward Gerald McKay, and link the two to the purse snatching.

North Vancouver Mounties caught up with McKay outside a Richmond home on Feb. 11, and he was arrested. A replica handgun was seized from his home after a search warrant was obtained.

Nofield, who is charged with robbery and possession of stolen property, and McKay remain in custody.

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