Seedy underworld of Langley drug culture described

Former girlfriend of double murderer testifies about life as a crystal meth addict in Langley

Testimony from the meth-addicted girlfriend of a double murderer is a cautionary tale of how awful life is in the seedy underbelly of Langley’s drug world.

The 29-year-old testified at the trial of Robert David Bradshaw who is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the killings of Langley’s Marc Bontkes and Laura Lynn Lamoureux in March 2009. His trial is taking place at Supreme Court in New Westminster.

The woman, whose street name was Page, but whose real name won’t be used, was living with Roy Thielen at the time of the murders. Thielen is serving a life sentence for the killings of Lamoureux and Bontkes. Page told the courts that she was sporting a $50 to $100 a day meth habit and paying for it by working seven nights a week, 12 hour shifts as a dial-a-dope dealer.

“I used it (meth) every morning to get up and several times a day. You build up a tolerance for it really quick and so you always need more,” said Page, who has been sober since August 2010.

“Crystal meth give you euphoria, keeps you awake and helps with weight loss,” said Page. She said she would start her shift in Langley by being given two cellphones by the boss. She would get calls from people and deliver the “product” in Langley.

She said she bought her drugs from another dial-a-dope line, and her dealer was mostly Bradshaw who was working that line. Page told the courts that Bradshaw would come to her and Thielen’s Surrey basement suite sometimes and that’s where she introduced him to Michelle Motola, who is serving a six year sentence for her role in killing Bontkes.

Motola, Page testified, also worked the busy dial-a-dope line for a few months in 2009. Motola was a good friend of Page and was like family to her boyfriend Thielen.

At their basement suite, Thielen had two shotguns and they had several handguns at the house, she testified.

They both worked the dial-a-dope for the same boss. She testified that Lamoureux (whose street name was Double D) was a “bully and she hit people with bats.”

She threatened, assaulted and robbed Page on several occasions, mostly because Lamoureux had a thing with Thielen before she came into the picture.

She said one time Double D set her up, getting her to meet her in the dark and then pouncing on her and robbing her of all the money she had made that night in 2009. She told Thielen and Motola about it.

She testified that Thielen didn’t have a driver’s licence and Bradshaw would often drive him around. By 7 a.m., after Lamoureux’s murder, everyone on the dial-a-dope line was talking about her death.

“Everyone knows everyone in the drug trade in Langley,” she said.

How big is the drug world in Langley, she was asked by Crown prosecutor Chris McPherson.

“If you aren’t involved you wouldn’t know just how big it is,” she said.

Her testimony continued on Wednesday.