Students help find missing toddler

Walnut Grove Secondary students jumped into action to reunite a three-year-old girl who disappeared from her mom's sight on Wednesday.

Walnut Grove Secondary students in a Grade 10-12 aerobics conditioning class are being credited for finding a toddler who had gone missing behind their school on Wednesday afternoon.

“The class was beginning their warm up run near the softball field when a distraught mother came up to the substitute teacher asking for help to find her three-year-old daughter,” said principal George Kozlovic.

The mother told the teacher that she was with her daughter at the playground when the little girl disappeared. By the time, she reached the teacher, the girl had been missing for about five minutes.

“The teacher called the students back from their run and the kids responded instantly and diligently,” he said.

The students dispersed, looking through the forest, the back fields and near the school.

“Within three or four minutes they found the girl by our portables,” he said. The child was quickly reunited with her mom.

“This is a really good news story and good representation of our students at Walnut Grove,” said Kozlovic.