Tip leads to thieves’ capture in Langley

Two family members arrested stealing from transport truck last week

Two men, from the same family, were caught in the act of stealing from a transport truck in Langley on last Wednesday (June 20).

One of the men facing charges was the driver of the commercial vehicle, said RCMP.

On June 20, members of the Burnaby RCMP detachment’s Prolific Offender Suppression Team arrested two men in the act of stealing merchandise from a commercial truck while it was in transit from Burnaby to Prince George.

The suspects were followed from Burnaby to Langley where they were caught stealing items from the transport truck.

“We were acting on information received from Prince George RCMP,” says Sgt. Adam MacNeill of Burnaby RCMP.

“Our information was that over $14,000 in merchandise had disappeared from shipments originating in Burnaby and there was a strong possibility that an additional theft was about to occur.

“With the assistance of the Prince George RCMP, our members managed to pull this together very quickly,” said MacNeil.

“I’m happy to say that we thwarted the theft and recovered all the property which the thieves had intended to make off with.”

The property was owned by a furniture retail chain.

After observing the thieves removing several large boxes containing washing machines from the transport trailer, the prolific offender suppression team moved in and arrested two men without incident before they could remove any further items from the truck. One of the men arrested was the driver of the transport truck.

Zdravko Slipac, 31, of Burnaby, and 29-year-old Marinko Slipac of Langley, are both charged with theft.

They appeared in Surrey Provincial Court on June 21.