Township urged to enforce noise bylaws

Drivers of noisy vehicles are not being ticketed, says resident

Bill Vogel has lived in Langley “on and off” for 60 years.

“Something keeps pulling me back,” he told Township council on May 7.

Vogel has settled here now, because “I had decided that Langley is a wonderful place to live.”

But there is an aspect of living in Langley that Vogel, a former Surrey mayor and councillor, finds unappealing, and that is noise created by “a small but obnoxious minority” who operate noisy vehicles.

Vogel said that as a taxpayer and active community member “I am wanting to bring an issue that has caused me loss of enjoyment of my property, and I am sure there are many others in the community who also lose sleep on many occasions due to this ongoing situation.”

The noise bylaw is not being enforced, he was advised, and RCMP informed him that not a single ticket was issued for vehicle noise infractions in 2011.

Vogel said that RCMP advised him that the issue is not a priority.

Council referred his concerns to staff who will explore Vogel’s suggestion that the AirCare program be adapted to target noisy engines.

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