Township will provide garbage containers for residents

"Cart" program will cost municipality about $2.9 million, but Township expects to find savings in lower solid waste disposal fees

In a bid to improve waste reduction, the Township of Langley will buy wheeled garbage “carts” for households, to separate organic trash from regular household garbage.

Each eligible household will get at least two carts, one with a black lid and a second one with a green lid, for organic waste.

The new program was endorsed by Township council Monday afternoon.

The changes will take effect in mid-2016.

It will cost $2.9 million, but most of that will be covered by surplus solid waste funds put aside by the engineering division.

Something had to be done, because the Township isn’t keeping up with a Metro Vancouver program to reduce pressure on landfills by diverting recyclable organic waste.

As of this year, the Township is diverting 62 per cent.

The Metro target for the year was 70 per cent and it will rise to 80 per cent by 2020.

The report predicts the new system will save the Township money because it won’t have to pay as much in solid waste disposal fees.

Rural property owners won’t be part of the new system, however.

A mail-out poll of 5,000 eligible rural households who currently have to truck their trash to waste transfer stations found 73 per cent were not in favour of expanding curbside collection.