Two Langley teens end up in hospital after drinking large amounts of alcohol

Langley RCMP issue warning to parents about the dangers of underage drinking

  • Mar. 24, 2014 1:00 p.m.

After two Langley teens ended up in hospital — one boy in serious condition — after drinking large quantities of alcohol, Langley RCMP want to offer some cautionary words for parents.

The first incident took place at a home where a group of nearly 50 youths attended a party where alcohol was permitted by adults. One young girl consumed a large amount of liquor before and during the party, police said. She was taken to hospital when she began to hallucinate, scream, spasm and cry.

The second event took place where a smaller group of young people were drinking at a home and it’s believed one young boy accidentally asphyxiated himself. He remains in hospital nearly two weeks later.

Police say it is of particular concern when parents are providing or facilitating underage drinking.

“There is fallacy in the belief that allowing young people to drink and party in a residence is safe,” said Langley RCMP officer in charge Supt. Derek Cooke. “Over the years I have heard of many such incidents and the message we should be giving to our children is that it simply is not appropriate, for them to be drinking at all. No matter how responsible we like to think we are as adults, we simply cannot control the outcomes of young people drinking.”

In British Columbia, you’re allowed to serve alcohol to your own children in your own home. However, there are restrictions on serving alcohol to your children’s friends.

Here are some rules and regulations you should keep in mind:


·        It is illegal to serve alcohol to a person under the age of 19.

·        You could be held legally liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property.

·        If alcohol is involved, you could be accountable for any harm your party guests experience after leaving your residence.


In other words, you’re taking risks by hosting a party that involves alcohol.  So, be strong parents – make tough choices.  Keep in mind the legalities and safety concerns.  Don’t host an underage drinking party.