Sisters Raleyn, 7, (L) and Makenna, 6, star in a home-made Christmas video titled “A Covid Christmas.” (YouTube)

Sisters Raleyn, 7, (L) and Makenna, 6, star in a home-made Christmas video titled “A Covid Christmas.” (YouTube)

VIDEO: Langley family creates satirical video to celebrate Christmas

‘A Covid Christmas’ makes ironic reference to masks, social distancing and toilet paper hoarding

It will be a quieter than usual Christmas for the Olynyk family in Willowbrook, but they have found a way to share their love of the season with other people by creating a song that is an ironic celebration of the holidays during COVID, and posting it online.

On YouTube, “A Covid Christmas,” sung to the tune of “Christmas For Two,” features sisters Raleyn, 7, and Makenna, 6 performing, along with little brother Grayson, 3. providing some comic relief.

“Looking through my frosty window/ at snowy sidewalks and twinklings lights/everybody’s wearing masks tonight,” the sisters sing, giggling.

“I wonder if you’re looking through your frosty window/at people coughing and sneezing/I think I need to sanitize my hands.”

The lyrics also name-check B.C.s Health officer.

“We could bundle up and make snow angels and decorate our Christmas tree,” the siblings warble, “then I heard Bonnie Henry says, ‘when in doubt, rule it out.’”

“Forget all the invitations, I’ve lost all my patience, I guess we’ll see you next year/when COVID isn’t here/Oh won’t it please disappear.”

Mom Kim said the lyrics were a joint project of herself, husband Mike and their daughters.

“The girls loved the original song [it’s based on], ‘Christmas For Two.”

Mom and dad Mike, South Abbotsford Church youth pastor, and the girls, worked together on their own version, anticipating they would be spending a quiet Christmas at home without having visitors over due to COVID regulations.

“We wrote before the new restrictions came out,” Kim explained.

“[But] we figured it would be extended.”

Normally the Olynyks go to church on Christmas Eve, and get together with family on Christmas Day, but this year, they will be staying at home.

Kim hopes the video inspires other families to find new ways to enjoy the season.

“We just hope that people can find some creative ways to celebrate.”

And maybe, with the quiet afforded them, people can consider the real meaning of Christmas, she added.

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Dad Mike, who edited the video together, also took to social media to talk about the meaning the Christmas

“My family and I are just nuts about Christmas,” he said.

“We have our Christmas decorations up the day after Remembrance day, and actually this year, because of COVID, we did it sooner.”

This year, the decorations feature a giant “Joy sign” on the family home’s front lawn.

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“At a time when smiles are few and far between because of COVID we love that not only does it make us smile, but there are so many people smiling as they drive by or walk by and even take pictures”

So far, “A COVID Christmas” has recorded 400 hits on YouTube.

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