232 Street not best place to install roundabout

With the roundabout, there will be many who just ignore the proper order of entry.

Editor: On a recent car trip, we turned north onto 232 Street from Fraser Highway, and were very annoyed that we couldn’t turn left (west) onto 56 Avenue, because of construction of the new roundabout. Had the Township posted a ‘take alternate route’ sign closer to Fraser Highway, we would have continued on Fraser Highway.  As it was, we had to circle around through Wagon Wheel Crescent to turn around and double back.

When we saw that the Township was going ahead with the roundabout, we both immediately said that we wouldn’t be using that route again — ever.  This intersection was always a big bottleneck during peak times with the four-way stop signs, but at least everything kept moving and there was a defined order of how to proceed.

With the roundabout, there will be many who just ignore the proper order of entry, making others wait, and wait, and wait. Of all the intersections for this type of traffic control, this is one of the worst.

Your recent article (The Times, May 29) mentioned that there have already been a few accidents here. There will be many, many more. Road rage will likely rear its ugly head as well, given the high level of frustration that is inevitable.

It’s not terribly smart thinking on Langley’s part, and we wonder about the quality of the planning department. Common sense does not seem to play a part in decisions like this one.

Marilyn and Alex McDonald,