Alarm bells should be ringing

Editor:  When I read in The Times (May 6) that the Tuscan farm subdivision had been endorsed and approved by Langley Township council and the Agricultural Land Commission, I was totally flabbergasted.

They know the supply of farmland in the Lower Mainland is finite and that the Hopington Aquifer is endangered and the water level is dropping at an alarming rate.

All residents of Langley and especially those of us dependent on the aquifer for our water should be seriously alarmed by these decisions.

The Township council majority show no concern for the welfare of the residents when they make such decisions, and obviously is on the side of developers.

Do the residents of Langley want to see the continuing loss of farmland, and will those dependent on the aquifer have  to wait until they turn on the water tap and get nothing out of it before they wake up?

When election time comes, if the electorate returns this council they can expect more of  the same action as we have seen the past few years.

For their own sake, residents need to elect a council more interested in residents than developers and the retention of our farmland.  When it’s developed, it’s gone forever.

Jim Findlay,