Answers provided on recycling in the City

Editor: Re: “Residents need answers on recyclables” (The Times, Jan. 27).

It is important to clarify a few points in the letter “Residents need answers on recyclables.” Multi-Material BC (MMBC) assumed direct responsibility for collecting recycling in City of Langley on Jan. 1, and has an agreement with Emterra Environmental to collect recyclables from residents’ curbsides.

When collecting recycling in the City of Langley, Emterra regularly uses trucks with three compartments: one for paper, one for containers, and one for glass.

Emterra used a two-compartment truck for a few days in mid-January after experiencing technical issues with the three-compartment truck.

The two-compartment truck was a temporary measure while the three-compartment truck was repaired. When recyclables are sorted into these three streams, we can ensure that more of the materials that are collected are successfully recycled. By moving to multi-stream recycling collection, we hope to improve performance and reduce the cost of your community’s recycling program.

Finally, it is important to clarify that MMBC’s packaging and printed paper recycling program is completely financed by the businesses that supply these materials to residents.

Allen Langdon, managing director,

Multi-Material BC (MMBC)