Anti-progress rookies will be disaster for Langley Township

Langley Township is a large business, and has to be run like one.

Editor: Can you imagine a bunch of anti-progress rookies running the Township? With no business experience but bubbling with enthusiasm, looking to press a few buttons to see what happens, it will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Poor, ideological but uninformed decisions could wreak havoc on the Township’s resources through missed opportunities.

The Township is a large business operation, and has to be run like one. If a business slows down and brings in less money than it spends, the owners (in this case, the taxpayers) suffer a loss and have to make up the difference.

Originally, these anti-progress candidates were wanting to curb development. Realizing they can’t get elected that way, they are disguising their platform. Now they say  they are not against development, and to trust them to manage it better.

Talk is cheap. Their actions would be regressive, resulting in long-time debt to the residents.

Backed by special interest groups like the “Unelection Campaign” group (i.e. Rick Green’s unofficial slate), these candidates will say anything to get elected, but will only be interested in achieving their own hidden agendas.

Do we want to risk going through four years of costly mistakes? I don’t.

M. Wickman,