Ants in classroom at R.E. Mountain need control

The ant infestation has been in a specific classroom, and is a severe disruption to students.

Editor: I am currently a Grade 12 student, attending R.E. Mountain Secondary School in Langley.

I am contacting your newspaper in regards to an ongoing issue that has been occurring for quite a while now (I believe almost a month).

The Langley School District is not helping fix this issue.

The ongoing issue is an ant infestation which has been going on in a specific classroom at R.E. Mountain Secondary School. There are ants flying, dropping onto desks, crawling around on students’ personal belongings, getting onto students, and the list goes on.

Rather than getting educated in a safe and proper environment, students are constantly distracted, and even stressed out by the rather disgusting insects.

I have made an effort to contact the school district. However, no one has replied to my email, and no one has replied to my teacher’s emails either.

I do not have a proper environment to receive education in.

S. Kim,