Assistant fire chief Pat Walker thanked for the savings

My insurance company promptly reduced my premium by $800 per year and sent me a pro-rated refund.

Editor: I would like to thank The Times for the various reports on fire safety and the financial savings to the community, through the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation.

After reading the article, I promptly called my insurance agent, BCAA. They in turn contacted the fire underwriters ( ) and confirmed my home is now in the new tanker serving area. They promptly reduced my premium by $800 per year, sent me a pro-rated refund and gave me a free coverage upgrade that was not available to me previously.

I expect there are probably hundreds of rural residents who do not know they are paying 30 per cent more in premiums for not having hydrant service. I would also like to thank Assistant Fire Chief Pat Walker for all the hard work that has gone into upgrading fire safety in our area.

J. Beauman,