Bateman has tax increase epiphany

As a member of council, Jordan Bateman approved innumerable tax increases.

Editor: I read the article (The Times, May 31) on Jordan Bateman’s zealous mission to combat waste by TransLink and the onerous tax burden it represents on ratepayers, since he has donned the cape of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Not that I am decrying the fact TransLink needs a major review and overhaul in many respects, but it strikes me the wrong protagonist is taking up the cudgel against them. This is the same former councillor (Bateman), who is a tax and spend Liberal in every sense and meaning of the word.

As a member of council, he approved innumerable tax increases (about five per cent annually) in the Township. This was about double the rate of the CPI, during his tenure in office.

He defended this backing of tax increases as  crucial to supporting the status quo.

He then had an epiphany on Fraser Highway, a la Saul of Tarsus. He was probably behind a 502 bus.

He decided that tax increases were wrong, and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation luckily had a position available for him to immediately take up the cause against wasteful TransLink spending and public consultation antics.

He should be challenged on the poor optics of this sudden 180-degree turn and the fact it would appear disingenuous at best to local residents.

Members of the local media have attended innumerable council meetings, and would be best positioned to question the veracity of his current actions and his future intentions, in light of his past performance.

This reminds me of the story of one Stephen Harper, MP turned CEO of the National Citizens Coalition, turned MP and now prime minister.

By the way, I sent an e-mail to Bateman after the initial article was published, but it remains unanswered. I would like to assist him on his mission.

Lee Lockwood,


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