Big hole in midst of Fort Langley a scary prospect

Nothing is happening on project, thanks to Supreme Court ruling.

Editor: I know Halloween has passed, but one of the scariest things I have recently seen is the empty work site at the Coulter Berry Building in Fort Langley.  The developer, after having begun work on the project (with a green light from the Township), has been stopped by a ruling from a Supreme Court judge.

As a result, a group of construction workers are out of work (just before Christmas), the developer is out hundreds and hundreds of thousands dollars, and the townsfolks of Fort Langley are looking at the possibility of having a giant hole in the ground for years to come.

This reminds me of what happened in 1994 when McDonalds was summarily evicted from a prime site in Beijing. That fiasco spooked western investment for years.

The judge in the Coulter Berry case is taking four months to write his judgment.  Seriously?

Gayle Hallgren,

Fort Langley