Bike thief steals from responsible teen

Shame on you for taking away my son’s ability to train and be independent.

Editor: Last night (May 22), someone stole my son’s bike from the patio right in front of my house in Langley City.  Yes, it was locked up, and they took the lock too.

Please keep your eyes peeled for it and if you find it please call the Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.  It’s a 1996 Ventana, silver with a black and red seat, and a black and red handle on the rear brake side. It has full suspension (front and rear), and is a mountain bike with a 26-inch frame.

If it happened to be you who took my son’s bike, I have a few things to say to you:

For starters, shame on you for thinking it is OK to steal from anyone. Shame on you for causing hardship to a fellow human being, and likely a neighbour. Shame on you for taking away my son’s ability to train and be independent.

I hope your Mom reads this, realizes it was you and teaches you a lesson about how to be a decent human being.

This was the worst possible day for this to happen for my son. On the following day, he was playing in the most important game of his entire rugby season, the championship final, Stafford Middle School versus Fraser Middle School in Abbotsford.

It was not a day that he needed to be so very angry, he needed to be focused.  I am guessing that you have absolutely no idea who you stole from.

I am a single parent and full-time university student. I work hard to raise my children to be upstanding citizens who have respect for others and as far as teenagers go, my son is a good kid.  He is kind to the elderly, has respect for his elders and those who have less than us (which isn’t many), and is a natural leader involved in many sports within his school and community. He does not drink or do drugs, he is an athlete.

He uses his bike to get to and from school, to train and keep fit. It is not a fancy bike, because I can’t afford to provide the best, but it was good enough to use for his purposes.

I hope the thief is real proud of himself or herself. To that person, I say this: You stole from someone who is smarter, kinder and a far more respectable person than you. Shame on you.

Lastly, I highly recommend the thief return it, because if we find you on it, I don’t know that my son will be able to be as responsible for his actions as he is on the rugby field.

Rae-Lynne Dicks,


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