Boy comes close to being fatality

Langley Township needs to install pedestrian crossing and light on 216 Street.

Editor: I had a terrible experience this morning (Oct. 11) and something must be done.

While walking my dogs, I witnessed a near fatality on the corner of 88B Avenue and 216 Street. A young boy, probably eight years old, came one second from being hit and killed by a Jeep. The boy rode his little scooter down 88B and right onto 216 Street without looking both ways.

The Jeep driver slammed on the brakes, and the skid was very loud and scary. I’m sure the Jeep driver was as shaken up as I was, if not more so. I’ll be sending this letter to the Township of Langley, insisting that they put up a lighted pedestrian crossing on that corner. I don’t want any committees struck to study this, or any delay whatsoever. This needs to be done now.

The Township doesn’t know that a lot of children going to and from school cross the road at that exact spot. Does someone have to die before anything is done? Let’s hope not.

Carol Mohr,