Brookswood a good place to live now

Editor: Cameron Gair (The Times, March 30) rightly states that some people do not want to live in Willoughby.

We do not. We chose Brookswood for the larger lots, many trees and ravines and the freedom away from close quartered ghettos. I suspect many people feel the same way and those who are unhappy with the area should move out.

Maybe the physical upkeep of their property is getting to be too much and the glint of easy money from the sale of their large lots is enticing.

The small local shops, medical offices, library, parks, schools and other amenities serve us well. Yes, even the septic fields work well.

To bring thousands of more people into the area, will destroy  Brookswood/Fernridge and create an entirely new community, and our distinctive neighborhood will be lost forever. Langley prides itself on the motto ‘Town and Country Together.’ If this destruction continues, we might as well drop the ‘country.’

Norma Johnson,