Buses also convey disease

Who in their right mind wants to ride these sicko, germ-infested disease wagons anyway?

Editor: Transit buses are conveyors of disease.

Why are we falling all over ourselves trying to get more transit buses? Who in their right mind wants to ride these sicko, germ-infested disease wagons anyway?

The BC Centre for Disease Control still has a search party out for Greyhound bus passengers who would have been exposed to a passenger with an infectious and contagious tuberculosis (TB) disease on Oct. 11, 2011, (over five weeks ago). One person infected on one bus causes this major alert.

In September, BCCDC reported 14 cases of TB in the province, plus 1,750 cases of other communicable diseases.

What about all the other millions of transit and long distance bus users in the province being exposed? How many highly contagious disease carriers are riding around on TransLink?

BCCDC lists some of the more common bacterial, viral and fungal infections such as throat/ear/sinus, colds, influenza, croup, laryngitis, bronchitis, measles, mumps, tuberculosis, malaria, STDs, SARS, H1N1, flesh-eating disease, etc.

I am not aware of any preventative hygienic sanitary wipes, latex gloves or breathing masks being dispensed on SkyTrain or any public transportation.

Compromised immune systems such as HIV (AIDS) will make one more susceptible to contacting disease from pathogens (germs).

If you are taking antibiotic medication, or if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, your ‘good’ bacteria is also damaged which makes you more vulnerable.

Heck, just being old puts you in this compromised exposed category.

School buses are not as bad, as they don’t have the transient town to town travellers. The school bus repeat riders and their diseases are mainly contained within a localized group.

It’s time to reflect on and re-examine the social direction we are heading.

We are being misled with ideology to buy into the global warming and climate change doctrine to convince us that in order to save the planet, public transit is necessary and we should give up our independent freedom wheels.

Planners, mayors and councillors are creating higher density, compacting people into postage stamp lots with cookie cutter housing. Do you think they would ever ride transit buses? Bet on ‘never,’ unless it’s a PR stunt to extract more gas or carbon taxes from us.

It’s like higher density is a prelude to justify more expensive transit taxes. The Agenda 21 mantra is that single family houses are not sustainable and should be a thing of the past.

Urbanization and higher density is not more desirable for a better quality life. It is a guarantee of a more needy populace more dependent on tax-funded government control.

Ever heard of a kid graduating from high school with a dream of getting his first annual bus pass? This is the indoctrinated direction they are being led.

For my taxes, let’s go easy on the buses, and have more or better roads and bridges. My Dodge is running a close second to the love of my dog.

Roland Seguin,