Caring humans take care of a badly-frightened dog

A dog was putting her life in jeopardy by dashing across a street, but was helped by several concerned people.

Editor: Caring souls are evident by their actions. This was the case Tuesday morning. Cars crowded 42 Avenue heading west, and a frightened female Burmese Mountain dog frequently dashed across the road. She was obviously lost, frightened and in mortal danger of being run over.

Two ladies stopped their cars and asked me and my companion for help as we strode along with two small dogs. Armed with biscuits and quiet words of encouragement, we collared the frightened animal. One of the ladies provided an extra leash, stating that we could keep it.

Upon arriving home, I fed the frightened but friendly animal and asked my wife to phone the Langley Animal Protection Society, as there was no identification to the owner on the dog tags on her collar. I fed and watered my new companion as I felt growing affection for her.

Quickly the LAPS driver arrived and ushered my new acquaintance into her van. I feel most grateful to LAPS and most particular admiration for the kind women who stopped to help. Bless them all and that friendly, frightened dog.

Mike Harvey,



Editor’s note — The letter writer later advised The Times that the dog’s owner picked her up from LAPS shortly after she arrived there.