Casino in Carvolth would be a better fit

Editor: Personally, I don’t have an issue with the possibility of a casino coming to Langley Township, but the suggestions put forward by Mayor Froese and BCLC CEO Michael Graydon don’t inspire much confidence.

The mayor has suggested a site within walking distance to our beautiful events centre, a high school and three elementary schools (schools in Yorkson are like Starbucks in Vancouver).

I don’t consider this a “logical” site or a “good fit.”

The best fit for that site will be something that inspires culture, not bring it to its lowest common denominator. BCLC’s Graydon suggested South Langley — likely minutes away from Cascades. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be in ALR land? I’m not sure how that will work.

Let’s keep it in Willoughby, but I have a suggestion: put it in Carvolth.

We want to put 18-storey buildings there anyway eventually, don’t we? Keep it up north by the Sandman/Moxies and create an professional/entertainment district, not unlike Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, but away from the kids.

Give adults something to do in town, continue to draw in that professional element but keep people here on the weekends.

Meanwhile, it could provide our local government with the cash needed to save forests, build pools/art centres/libraries and pay down deficit.

Maybe those professionals might actually buy some of those new condos we keep building.

If I and hundreds of parents in Routley have to drive our kids to one of the three Yorkson elementary schools everyday, don’t make us drive by a casino within walking distance to our schools.

Brad Richert