City resident welcomes green bin recycling

Ontario has been recycling kitchen organic waste for a long time

Editor: When I moved back “home” to beautiful British Columbia after 10 years away, I would never have thought that one of the things I would miss about the Halton Region of Ontario would have been the waste management services.

At the time, Langley was only beginning to experiment with green waste and it felt foreign and wrong to have to throw organic kitchen waste into a garbage can.

And so it is exciting to hear that Langley City is looking toward strategies to reduce waste through use of the green bin.

I’m sure their efforts will have naysayers who fear the change but, having been through this transition before in another community, I can testify that most people went from a weekly garbage pick up to a bi-weekly cycle (with weekly recycling and green waste) with very little effort.

Looking back afterwards, I couldn’t believe the amount of waste our family was sending to the landfill before bylaws forced us to make a better choice.  I know there are other options (home composting, etc.) but as a busy mother of three little ones I am thankful that the municipality offers a simpler route to make greener choices in this area.

Debra Blackman


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