Colour-code health professionals in Canada

Julie Butt believes doctors and nurses should be required to wear clothing that makes their stance on assisted death immediately obvious

Editor: Since the Canadian government has decided to promote and carry out euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, I demand, as a person with freedoms in the Charter of Rights, to immediately know upon looking upon any health care provider what side they are on — pro-life or pro-death — so I can choose whether or not to use this person for my “care” or lack of, due to improper or murderous intention.

You know, like all pro-life health care providers wear blue and all anti-life providers wear green, so immediately I know if these people are well-intentioned or out to “put me out of my misery,” even if I’m not miserable, by withholding legitimate necessities (food and water), procedures, etc. needed to stay alive, as well as sabotaging my treatment by neglect, mistreatment or out and out poisoning by injection or pill.

Julie Butt,