COLUMN: Not a time to give up

Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 marks 14 years since the terrorist attacks on the U.S.

Fourteen years after 9-1-1 in New York City, the most optimistic among us may have assumed that all of the conflicts, terrorism and wars would have been settled by now and the countries of the world would have realized the futility and tragedy of continually destroying our civilization.

But when we see images of innocent children washing up on the beach and hear of intelligent young people being lured into terrorist camps, we are hard pressed not to throw up our hands in frustration and say, “Why bother, there is no end in sight.”

Mother Theresa’s famous quote, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love,” takes us from the frustration of looking at the global aspect and bringing the solution into our homes.

We can teach our children well. We can encourage our school system to teach meaningful curriculums.

Our impressionable youth no longer have access to the Bible in their classrooms but they will have one in their prison cell.

We can be active in our communities, volunteer, to make them free from crime and a safe place to live.

We can choose our politicians wisely and encourage them to set high ethical standards for those who make decisions.

We can speak up. We can make a difference. Hiding our heads and wringing our hands is not a solution.

Thousands of people died on September 11, 2001. Let’s make sure they didn’t die in vain.

At least that’s what McGregor says.



Climb Higher

A tribute to the New York City Firefighters


“Keep on climbing,” Says the Captain,

“Up through the smoke and smell,”

“Keep on climbing,” Says the Captain, “I think I heard somebody yell!”

“Keep on climbing,” Says the Captain “Alive or Dead, Not ours to tell!”

“Keep on climbing,” Calls the Captain,

“Forget about your pain!”

“Keep on climbing,” Shouts the Captain,

“We have a few more floors to gain!”

“Keep on climbing!” Yells the Captain,

“We will Bring them down again!”

“Keep on climbing,” Cries the Captain,

“If I can so can you!”

“Keep on climbing!” Orders the Captain

“Right now I need your best from you!”

“Keep on climbing!” Screams the Captain,

“Forget about those sounds!”

“It’s just some girders twisting, And some concrete falling down!”

“Keep on Climbing,” Whispers the Captain, “Climb right up to that light!”

“Right up to that sunshine, No smoke to smell, No fire to fight!”

“Keep on climbing,” Sings the Captain,

“That Angel’s hand will lead the way!”

“Rest boys,” Sighs the Captain,

“You did your job today!”

“Keep on climbing,” Prays our Captain,

“Eyes raised and headed for the top,”

“And when you’re tired,  And feel like quitting, Remember them,

They didn’t stop!”