Complaint over wire burial not well represented in story

Most important is the fact that many businesses and property owners oppose the plan to put wires underground.

Editor: Re: “Removal of “Heritage Poles” in Fort Langley,” (The Times, April 10).

I believe reporter Dan Ferguson has given the public a wrong impression with regard to the “complaints” in the presentation to council.

It is true that I have emphasized the “heritage” values important to Langley and the province, but that was not the major complaint against the project.

Most important is the unfairness to some of the business owners, the homeowners and the impact such a project will have on our economy, in the area of tourism.

Protests have been ongoing against the violation of the OCP and Township guidelines, as evidenced by letters to the council and staff.

There has been not been a delay of two and one-half years.

As Mark Morrison clearly stated, the process has been the problem.

Also demonstrated accurately by Diane Simpson and Mark Forsythe was the unfair financial situation that will be experienced by the 21 homeowners in the Halidin Building and others.

The impact on our historic tourist destination will be significant.

There should be a more appropriate plan which is supported by everyone, not just by one developer.

Bays Blackhall,