Concerns raised about Seniors’ Centre

Volunteers leaving and staff changes are of concern to many members of organization.

Editor: I am writing out of a deep concern for the Langley Seniors Resource and Recreation Centre.

The current board of directors seem to have lost their way.

In my opinion, the purposes of the society have not been followed since October, 2014. Not only have employees and volunteers been relieved of their positions, other valued and trusted individuals have left the centre out of protest.

Furthermore, members are withdrawing their services from the centre and their followers are honouring them by following them out the door.

The board of directors, following a special board meeting, have offered to refund my membership fee in full, Do they want to get rid of me? Probably.

At two membership meetings, I have asked pointed questions about the legitimacy, behaviour and techniques of the board, as governed by the constitution.

To date, no responses have been forthcoming.

During the meeting when the board asked for my membership back, they intimated that I not talk about this meeting. I felt my freedom of speech at the centre had been threatened.

The membership of the Seniors Resource and Recreation Centre has taken a stand, to hold a special membership meeting for a vote of non-confidence, in order to remove the current board. It’s about time, I say.

Hopefully, a new board will help restore the centre to its previous status, where members can thrive.

Barbara Daly,