Conservatives have lost his vote

I can no longer vote for a party with repressive immigration policies, one that ignores the injustice of Jose Figueroa's situation.

Editor: As long as I can remember, I have been supporting the Reform/Alliance /Conservative Party of Canada. I’ve always voted for fine men such as Randy White and Mark Warawa.

Although I see some value in socialism, the free enterprise system just makes more sense to me. Therefore I always vote right-of-centre.

But that has now changed. I will not be voting Conservative in the next federal election.

This government has continued to refuse to deal with the situation of an outstanding member of society, Jose Figueroa. He is still in sanctuary at the Walnut Grove Lutheran Church after one and one-half years.

The Canada Border Services Agency has still not dropped the arrest warrant against Figueroa, but continues to perform surveillance of the church parking lot. The deportation order has not been cancelled, despite a Federal Court ruling in his favour.

This government, particularly the ministers responsible — Steven Blaney (Minister of Public Safety), and Chris Alexander (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) — have the power to override the decision and right the situation for the Figueroa family.

They have been silent, ignoring the cries of the family and public. They have dawdled on this issue for far too long.

It is un-Canadian for this to be happening. Ironically, Jose and his family are being repressed by the Canadian government, a nation known to be compassionate to those who have suffered in other countries.

I can no longer vote for a party with repressive immigration policies.

Ron deKroon,