Coulter Berry building backed

Additional parking spaces fill a significant gap in Fort Langley.

Editor: I was elated to read a recent report in The Times about a proposed development for the corner of Mavis and Glover Road in Fort Langley. I found that it has not yet been approved and I have to ask, “Why not?’

I see the proponent of the project is a benefactor. Who else would put his own money in harm’s way to build a period theme style project which will inevitably bring more business to the Fort? This in turn will benefit all businesses.

The biggest impediment to economic growth in Fort Langley, as I see it, is the physical limitation of vehicle parking.

I see that 58 parking spots are to be provided underground in this development. Nobody but a committed Fort Langley native would provide such an expensive and inherently sensible facility to relieve pressures on parking.

It’s time to exercise common sense and recognize a compatible addition to the period themed Fort Langley from which everyone benefits. Residents will benefit, but those who benefit most are the throngs of visitors to a fast-growing tourist destination.

Throughout history, progressive societies have benefited economically. In a small way, that is what is needed and being offered here.What’s not to like?

Having lived in a circa 1880s farmhouse in Vancouver for many years, I can say that not a cubic inch of space is wasted in the three-level structure. It is this feature of space utilization that makes so much sense in the Coulter Berry building proposal.

I might add that my friends and acquaintances are just as excited as I am over this proposed project in Fort Langley. It will be a highlight in this small village.

By the way, I do not know and have never met Eric Woodward, the proponent of this project.

Joe Weber,

Fort Langley