Coulter Berry will offer more for Fort Langley

Developer wants Fort Langley to have more eating and shopping options, and maintain a village atmosphere.

Editor: On May 31, I proposed the Coulter Berry Building for the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Avenue in Fort Langley. It is a three-storey building, with retail, offices, residences, and extensive underground parking.

I invested in Fort Langley because I love Fort Langley. I grew up in Langley, went to school here, and live here. I plan to raise a family here. I am committed to Fort Langley for the long-term.

I love Fort Langley’s unique community, charm, and history. Unlike the rest of the Township, Fort Langley has the potential to become a rarely possible, near-perfect balance of living, working, shopping, and recreation in a truly walkable environment, while maintaining a village atmosphere.

I want to build buildings that Langley will be proud of. I want to build buildings that will make it easier for merchants to thrive, visitors to admire and enjoy, and will provide local residents with better options for eating and shopping than we would otherwise have here.

Fort Langley is going to continue to grow whether people want it to, or not. Growth is inevitable. We should focus on the character and quality of that growth to ensure it is high quality, sustainable, and meets the needs of the community as a whole.

We must not give in to a select few who spread misinformation, want to prevent competition and keep Fort Langley for themselves, or see Fort Langley as a museum.

Based on my ongoing consultation with the community, I sincerely believe that the silent majority shares this vision for Fort Langley. I hope that we can all work together to continue improving Fort Langley for generations to come.

Eric Woodward,

Fort Langley