Council should work together

Editor: I read in the newspapers about Mayor Rick Green under investigation by police.

First of all, I don’t know the details of politics in Langley Township. But from my instinct, I think the mayor is a good person.

You can imagine how it is hard and tough for him to work on Township business when the majority of his colleagues don’t co-operate with him and even usually oppose him.

I have never met Green. The only time I’ve seen him was at my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.

He sat there in the audience from begining to end. His action to protect our agicultural land instead of building an overpass on it is rare and worthy, because what we are seeing is more and more natural environment disappearing now, due to the needs of human beings.

The Township of Langley is a good place to live. We love living here and cherish everything around us,

I hope the mayor and councillors will work together for Langley’s today and tomorrow.

Emily Wang,