Council urged to defeat Fox’s motion

Don't make the mistakes North Delta did, says 16 Avenue resident.

Editor: I am writing regarding Councillor Charlie Fox’s  notice of motion on traffic options for 16 Avenue.

I have been an outspoken advocate for traffic mitigation and calming on 16 Avenue for some time now, as a result of cars ending up in my front yard twice in the last 10 months. I would encourage members of council to oppose Fox’s motion as it stands, unless he removes the section that states: “Therefore be it resolved that staff, by the way of a letter to the City of Surrey and the Ministry of Transportation, request a direct access northbound from 16 Avenue to Highway 99.”

I believe that this access will further increase traffic and accidents on 16 Avenue and run contrary to the safety and security of Langley residents.

Furthermore, this letter would, by the definition of the motion, be sent before there is a report back from staff examining the problem of increased traffic accidents on 16 Avenue. This will result in an irrevocable hamstringing of the Township’s ability to make future decisions regarding 16 Avenue.

Through this motion, Fox is forcing council’s hand before the problem is fully examined. Clever, as far as politics go, but not in the best interest of the community.

It is counterintuitive that by increasing the traffic on 16 Avenue, the risk to life and limb will be reduced. Council should consider moving trucks back to designated highways and using traffic calming methods that allow the people who live along 16 Avenue access to their own homes.

I have come from North Delta and have seen firsthand the detrimental effects on a community carved up by high traffic corridors. Council should learn from Delta’s  mistakes and keep the Township strong and community based.

Teresa Townsley,


Editor’s note — An amended version of the motion passed. See above link.