Councillors need to work for the community

Editor: It looks like the six-pack of Township council (plus one) is at it again, with their continued infatuation and persistence to curb the mayor’s drive for positive change in the Township.

When will they finally wake up and realize they are in their position to do what is right for the taxpayers and to do what is best for the community, and not to scrutinize, micromanage and politicize every move Mayor Rick Green makes?

It seems the six- or seven-pack would prefer to tie up, gag, and shove Green in a corner, while they keep their hands comfortably placed on their seats beneath their bottoms.  But when they do or are forced to get involved, they go against all common sense and the wishes of the taxpayers.

I found it humourous to hear Councillor Jordan Bateman tell the public that councillors don’t just get blank cheques to hand out whenever they feel the need. Yet he and the rest of his pack recently signed a big cheque for $8 million to the builders of the Events Centre, with seemingly no repercussions.

The Events Centre payments is only one of the many blunders council and staff have orchestrated together over the past two years. The time will come next November when we the taxpayers must hold them accountable for their actions.

Tyler de Boer,