Cut bus service in Vancouver and Burnaby

Cut the bus service in Richmond, Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby in half.

Editor: This letter is to address the “May be time to leave Metro — Froese’s reaction to bus freeze” and “CEO (TransLink) won’t discuss fairness issue,” (The Times, April 19).

It was with frustration I read about TransLink’s decision to punish the South Fraser side of the Lower Mainland by pulling the soon-to-be rapid bus service from Langley. How convenient that TransLink’s CEO has a tantrum when he doesn’t get the funding he demands, and decides to yank new projects instead of looking at new ways to find funding within the existing system.

I have a solution for Ian Jarvis. Cut the bus service in Richmond, Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby in half.  If you reduce that service, then you will free up funding to allow for rapid bus service across the Port Mann Bridge, plus other projects in the queue.

This makes sense to everyone living south of the Fraser River, since we contribute huge amounts of cash towards TransLink’s piggy bank. Not only would this be fair, it would be the right thing to do.

Stop providing the north side of the Fraser River with Cadillac service, while the rest of the Lower Mainland gets nothing more than the burden of paying for it.

To both mayors, Jack Froese and Peter Fassbender, seriously look at opting out of TransLink. Get together with Delta, Surrey, White Rock and Abbotsford mayors and start discussions on how to create our own transportation services.

We are tired of being held financial hostage to a TransLink board that takes care of the needs of themselves and the north side of the river, while the rest of us are ignored.

And on a final note, the other day I took SkyTrain from King George Station to Waterfront. As I was paying for my ticket, I lost count of how many people walked right past the pay booths and just got on the train.

Millions of dollars are lost as hundreds of people ride for free, and then TransLink looks to the commuters who drive cars to pay for that loss.  I for one, am tired of paying into a system that doesn’t serve me or my fellow neighbours living south of the Fraser River.

Sandra Steffan,


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