Did missing teddy bears go off for a picnic?

Reader wonders what happened to two teddy bears who have been sitting along 272 Street for months.

Editor: When you drive north on 272 Street in North Langley, just before you go down the steep winding hill in the ravine, there in a bush area on the east side of the road are two teddy bears sitting on a stump  under an umbrella. They have been there for the past couple of years.

It started with just one teddy bear. I saw it and it put a smile on my face.

I always wondered why it was there. Maybe someone found it on the road and put it there so the owner might see it if they happened to drive by.

Then, one day, another smaller bear showed up beside it. I thought it was so cute and every day on my way home from work it really did put a smile on my face.

I wondered how long they would be there before someone took them or the weather destroyed them but they always looked the same — no moss or mould — just cuddled together in the rain and snow and sunshine.

And, finally, there was an umbrella with two big eyes on it, sheltering them from the rain and sun. It was so cute.

Last week, I noticed only the umbrella was there.  What happened to the bears? Where did they go? Maybe they went to a teddy bears’ picnic in the woods.

They left their umbrella, and their stump looks so bare.

Thank you to whoever put them there. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who smiled when I drove by.

I think I might just miss them.


Gayle Brown,