Dollar signs dance for Langley Township

Letter writer suggests hotel and casino will come to 80 Avenue and 200 Street.

Editor: Re: Blooms fading for Gibbs Nursery (The Times, Aug. 23).

First off, there is no way the nursery has been there 60 years. I think it was built some time in the 1970s.

Before that, the property housed a little Depression-era, three-room house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Achinghead, who were an old retired couple. Their last name always fascinated me.

Anyway, I know it would be too much to ask that the Gibbs buildings be removed and all the trees left on site for a little walk-through park on that corner.

I know the very first thing the Township will do on taking over the property is clear-cut the site.So how about just expanding the Langley Events Centre parking lot, to help prevent all the parking on 80 Avenue and 202A Street, when there are events at the LEC?

But the dollar signs are already dancing in the Township’s mind. They are thinking a hotel, that I’ll bet will want a casino in it.

Any takers?

Brian Johnson,